Paul Raybould

Paul Raybould

Paul Raybould is Chief Innovation Officer for American Humane Association and Senior Vice President of its Humane HollywoodTM program.

Raybould’s task is to utilize his international business and nonprofit management expertise to help drive creative, mission- critical, sustainable growth at American Humane Association, which since 1877 has worked to create so many landmark protections for U.S. children and animals.

In his role as Chief Innovation Officer, Raybould brings over 20 years of business acumen to the nonprofit sector. He is responsible for developing support for new programs, driving excellence and best practices across all of the association’s programs, and securing long-term partnerships with major corporations.

Mr. Raybould also works to extend the organization’s scope, authority and protections through his work as Senior Vice President of American Humane Association’s Humane HollywoodTM program, which leverages relationships with society’s most visible personalities to create new programs supporting children and animals, shines a spotlight on the everyday importance of animals in our lives through programs such as the American Humane Association Hero Dog AwardsTM, and protects tens of thousands of animal actors on filmand television sets annually.

Raybould brings with him 20 years of senior business leadership. Prior to his joining American Humane Association, he served as Executive Vice President of the renowned Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation, launching and managing a $30 million capital campaign, and increasing revenues by 53 percent in two years. With his leadership he helped turn the 62-year old organization into one of the nation’s most successful nonprofits in the animal sector.

Raybould has extensive international business experience, helping to found and turn around organizations in the aerospace, energy, and e-Business industries in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Raybould attributes his stints around the world as helping to hone his innovative management style. An English native, Raybould spent his formative years in Africa and Australia before returning to the British Isles to complete his education. He lives with his wife, Susan, and two Irish Setters, Celia and Kobe.