Who Am I?

I am an equine muscle therapist based in Toowoomba, Australia, and I estimate that I’ve done about 10,000 treatments on horses in my years of practice. I’ve come to appreciate the fine muscle tuning that allows a horse to move to the best of his ability. I’ve worked on racehorses, show hacks, dressage horses, showjumpers, eventers, pony clubbers and much-loved companions.
Gary is concerned that there is a generation of horse lovers out there who have not had the benefits, as he had, of a grandfather who took the time to educate him about the horse and give the basics of anatomy that have served him so well over the years.

“I started with a pony called Pablo and I can remember he used to bolt at least once a week on the way home from school, it was a great joke.”

“But I had a grandfather who was a real horseman and who passed on to me a great deal of knowledge that many of our riders today have missed out on. This is one of the reasons I think the Horse 360° app will be such a good tool for our young horsemen and women.”

“When Danny showed me the concept he had for this app, I got very excited, because it is a great way for every horse owner to learn more about their horse.”

Gary has been involved in the racing industry as a strapper, trainer and then therapist and has seen transformations in horses that were previously headed for the scrap heap. His recent involvement with a number of top level dressage riders and their finely tuned horses has affirmed his conviction that small problems in a horse’s wellbeing can result in big problems under the saddle.

He puts his progress into equine muscle therapy down to the profound influence of two people, one who called himself a horse chiropractor and the other a racehorse trainer.

“Col Hamilton was a freak in how he could change the wellbeing of a horse from an agitated, non-conforming problem to a calm and focused individual. He called himself a horse chiropractor but he was much more, and he shared with me many insights, views, and I think it was plain magic. At the time I did not fully appreciate what he was giving me.”

In the early 90s, Gary became friends with a semi-retired Gatton trainer, Jimmy Marshall, who taught him how to look at a horse and pinpoint small inconsistencies that could present big problems in performance.

With his eyes ‘opened’, he was receptive when another friend, Rhelda Liesergang, pointed him to the Emmett Technique of equine muscle therapy, developed by Ross Emmett who is a highly regarded human therapist and teacher.

Gary has now been practicing this technique for many years and works his magic for a number of top level Australian riders and trainers such as FEI dressage riders Cheryl Williams, Victoria and Libby Welch and Thomas and Wendi Muehlenbeck, 3* eventer Eleanor Osborne, racehorse owners Kevin and Taneth O’Brien, John and Gaye Harvey of Croyden Park and many others.

It was Cheryl Williams who directed Gary’s focus towards performance horses and the significant influence the rider has on the wellbeing of their horse.

“I have found significant evidence that the rider’s disfunction is the cause of many of the horse’s ongoing problems. This was the motivator for me to develop my human therapy capacity”, he says.