Dr Andrew McLeanName: Dr Andrew Mclean
From: Director – Australian Equine Behaviour Centre
Website: http://www.aebc.com.au

Andrew McLean brings together a rare combination of academic knowledge and equestrian achievement. With a degree in Zoology and a keen interest in training horses Andrew set out to discover the most efficient way of training horses which led him to complete his PHD on the topic, thesis title “The mental processes of the horse and their consequences for training”.

Earlier in his career Andrew won Australia’s premier Horse Trials, the Gawler Three Day Event, and represented Australia in Horse Trials in 1989. In dressage he has competed to FEI level and trained horses to Grand Prix as well as Grand Prix and Championship level in Show-jumping. He has also held a race trainer’s license and is a winner of Australia’s highest science award, the Eureka Science Prize as well as many other achievements.

Andrew has been an equestrian coach for over 25 years and due to his broad knowledge of equine psychology, has coached some of the world’s greatest riders, coaches and trainers and reformed internationally competitive horses up to Olympic Games and World Championship level, as well as some top Australian racehorses.

In addition to training horses, Andrew is also an Elephant Trainer employed to train working elephants in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia through his co-founded charity foundation, the Humane Elephant Learning Program (HELP). Using Learning Theory just like he trains horses, Andrew and the HELP Foundation are improving the welfare of working elephants throughout Asia through humane training methods.

Throughout his career Andrew has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, and has made original contributions to our current understanding of the animal mind that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, academic texts and as encyclopedia entries.

He has been instrumental in forming the International Society for Equitation Science, of which he is Snr Vice President. His book, The Truth About Horses, is Australia’s top equestrian international best seller and is available in Dutch, Spanish and Danish. Academic Horse Training and Equitation Science have reached world-wide and are used in many universities as a reference in Equine Science degrees.

Along with his wife Manuela, Andrew has developed the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC). Andrew’s goal is to create knowledge bases for equitation science in the universities of the world and to improve the welfare of the horse by ensuring that horse training is optimally ethical, sustainable and evidence based.