Danny Cook

Who Am I?

My first contact with horses was growing up in country Queensland, but I didn’t get more involved or really see the light until 25 years later. That start has taken me on a journey to become the creator of the world leading Equine App Horse 360, CEO of Animal 360, Emmett4horses Muscle Therapy Practitioner and published horseman. What a journey!
Danny is now taking that journey one large step forward. After building a successful business career he is taking a break to concentrate on his one true passion. Horses.

Danny Cook says “One of the things I like about how I have evolved as a horseman is providing recognition of all of the people who have taught me something along the way.”

Looking back, Danny identifies two defining moments and people in his career. “Terry Fitzgerald mentored me through serious Horsemanship and Gary Wells introduced me to the Emmett Technique.”

“I was lucky that when I decided I wanted to go back to horses, I found Terry Fitzgerald, an old Gatton neighbour and contract muster, horse breaker, dog trainer and bush poet, who took me under his wing. I was very lucky to find a man with his rare skills and the generosity to share them.”

“He not only taught me how to ride, but to work cattle and train dogs. He mentored me on my journey and made sure I met and listened to serious Horseman who had important things to say. Sometimes these were only very short conversations but Terry knew what I need to hear in each step on my journey.”

If Terry Fitzgerald, Ken May and Clinton Anderson taught Danny about training Horses then Gary Wells showed him the next evolution in Horsemanship “I had been studying Equine Massage and Care for sometime but as soon as I saw Gary treating my Horses with Emmett techniques I knew that this would multiply my skills exponentially.”

Danny Believes that 40% of behavioural problems in horses are related to pain and discomfort. Gary Wells, the master of Emmett 4 Horses has shown him how to reduce that number to next to nothing.”

“My friend Gary Wells is the master of Emmett4Horses and taught me close to everything I know about Emmett and Equine Therapy. It also helps that he is the National Coordinator of Emmett4Horses Training. Together we work on how to infuse therapy and training together because both Gary and I believe that the definition of horsemanship is training and care in equal parts.”

Danny is travelling Australia with his family concentrating on improving his horsemanship and applying what he believes is the next generation of equine focus. Training and Care in Equal Parts. Danny has worked as a ringer on a remote Northern Territory cattle station, managed a racing stable and set up as a horse breaker and re-trainer. He crosses many disciplines.

Using the Emmett Technique, he also works on many horses with back and muscle problems as well as general attitude and well-being issues. It was the horse massage that gave Danny the idea for Horse 360° – he realised that most horse people do not know how their horses are built and often don’t realise that things have gone wrong.

“Being a practical man, I think that you have to know how something is built before you can understand how it works, and Horse 360° is an app that will help horse people do this.”