Antoinette FosterAuthor and Equine Nutritional Therapist Antoinette Foster founded Hi Form Australia in 1990, after trying several products on her own mare without a great deal of success. Deciding to use the education and training behind her she developed her first formula in 1987, the HerbaNerve. The success of this product was just the beginning!

Hi Form has a diverse and unique range of Naturopathic Veterinary Formulas to cover a wide range of conditions in horses and also a pet range PetArk for dogs and cats. The range has expanded over the years to include specialist formulas, natural shampoos and a very comprehensive herbal range.

Antoinette has specialised in Equine Nutritional Therapy for over 22 years with a long list of qualifications including human nutrition, Equine Nutritional Therapy, Equine Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Disease etc. and has been involved with horses since the age of 5. She is the author of ‘Eat Like A Horse’ her first book which has received rave reviews.

She is also a keen dressage rider and has a lovely 5 year old called Specialization. She hopes to find the time to compete in the 2012/13 season.

Over the last 14 months Antoinette has also been working with Robbie Johnoson of JT Johnson and Sons in Kapunda SA to formulate a range of world first synergistic natural feeds, these feeds are unique to the world market and do not move away from her beliefs as a practitioner. Antoinette has assisted thousands of horses and their owners over the years and her aim has always been to educate horse owners and help them understand that feeding horses is just common sense and it is therefore very easy to achieve optimal health for their horses. Antoinette tries to solve the problems associated with feeding, giving horse owners the tools to provide a healthy balanced diet. She also offers a complete Equine Holistic Profile which is designed to suit each horse’s biochemical uniqueness they are NOT computer generated.

Antoinette offers natural health solutions and feeding recommendations for all types of horses and shows horse owners how to improve the health and wellbeing of their horses while cutting the cost of feeding dramatically which is good news. Feeding according to the species makes perfect sense.

In September 2010 she began work with Molecular Geneticist Dr Margie Smith through this work and further education Antoinette is now a trained Nutrigenomics practitioner. Antoinette’s NutraGenomix™ personalised human nutrition provides a comprehensive way to predict, prevent and manage the health and wellbeing of each individual based on their gene type, this is cutting edge science. Work has now begun on the Equine Genome.

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