Andy Eckley

Andy Eckley – Emmett Instructor

Growing up on a 200 acre farm in Wales, I imagined having the ability to gently touch our animals and have them heal instantly from their pain. So from a young age I’ve practiced sending healing energy to animals, plants, and sometimes people.

I developed my abilities to the extent that I can still, to this day, stop stinging nettles from stinging me just with the power of my mind. Years later, I extensively studied human and animal anatomy, and physiology along with learning different traditional therapies, addressing both physical and emotional issues in people and horses.

In 2009, I had the good fortune to attend a weekend with the amazing Ross Emmett. Watching Ross was a revelation, as he demonstrated that he had the skills and ability to find out where the pain and tension was in the body without even asking any questions, he then quickly released the persons muscle tension or pain by a magical looking gentle touch.

In the years since, I’ve attended full training in both human and animal Emmett, and as an existing equine therapist, understood that Emmett on horses would be so much faster than any other therapy I’d learnt. In 2010, I organized the introduction of equine Emmett into the UK, where Ross himself attended the first Level 1 horse course in Devon, England.

I’m honoured to currently hold the post of Instructor for EMMETT 4 Animals holding both horse and dog courses for Ross in the UK and Ireland along with Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

I also teach people how to balance the riders and handlers, teaching how to change a rider’s posture by releasing muscle tension and pain, thereby enabling the rider to be perfectly balanced to their horse. This not only helps the horse stay pain free, but enables them to achieve their full potential.