Emmett Therapy National Launch 2014Horse 360 believes that every single person that loves a horse is on their own individual journey to reaching their potential as a Horseman or Horsewoman.  Like Horse 360, Emmett4Horses is Horsemanship.  My journey in Horsemanship has led me to understand that schooling and educating is only the beginning.  True horsemanship is about taking care of your horses mind and body by educating yourself.

As creators of the educational App Horse 360, I am as extremely proud to be able to support Emmett4Horses during the National Launch of the new Emmet4Horses training packages.  


Danny Cook is the CEO of Animal 360, and together with Gary Wells, the conceiver and developer of the Horse and Dog 360 range of mobile Apps. He is striving in his life to become a Horseman, Equine Muscle Therapist, Businessman and Human Being.  Tough one! 

His great belief in his Horses is “Being a practical man, I think you have to know how something is built before you can understand how it works.”