As CEO and founder of Animal 360 I am very proud to endorse the decision of Ross Emmett to appoint Horse 360 Champion Gary Wells as the Australian Coordinator of “Emmett 4 Horses” training team.  They share our mission of improving animal welfare through education.  I asked Gary to do a voice comment on what Emmett Therapy is all about and would like to share comments from the great man himself Ross Emmett.

This litre voice memo is the best explanation of Emmett therapy that I have heard. It is well worth listening to.
Emmett Explanation Memo
“Ross Emmett’s own words”
Ross Emmett
Our partnership with Local Horse Magazine is committed to bringing knowledge, skills and abilities to the animal owners of the world – in particular through our educational apps Horse 360 and Dog 360.
If you are lucky enough to secure a position on the January and February Module 1 Emmett 4 Horses course to be conducted at the McIntyre Centre – make sure you have a copy of the Horse 360 app on your smartphone or tablet.  It will help you in your learning of this fantastic muscle therapy technique.  As a Emmett Horse therapist I encourage all horse owners to improve their horsemanship skills by knowing everything about your horse.
Find outmode about the upcoming courses at
Yours in caring for our equine friends
Danny Cook is the CEO of Animal 360, and together with Gary Wells, the conceiver and developer of the Horse and Dog 360 range of mobile Apps. He is striving in his life to become a Horseman, Equine Muscle Therapist, Businessman and Human Being.  Tough one! 
His great belief in his Horses is “Being a practical man, I think you have to know how something is built before you can understand how it works.”