Some days you know why you own a Horse!

This is a 9 year old thoroughbred mare of mine – Georgie.  I just need to say how proud I am of her.  She was played a whole chukka by a 5 goal Professional in an international 20 goal tournament just the other day.

I suppose i need to flesh this out a little.

I am a (minus 1) -1 rated Polo Player trying to find the time to actually play some polo and improve my game.  Sure I can train a horse but that does not automatically make me a good polo player.

I bought Georgie from a friend of mine Richard Rawlings of Ripley Valley Polo.  He is a 4 goal Pro who had her spare and asked if I could play her just so she could get some work.  I have done a lot of colt starting for him so we have a good relationship. He has taught me a lot about playing Polo. Anyway  I got to play a horse and he got a horse some work.  Good deal for both of us.

3 weeks I hated her………I thought she was hot and hard to control. No brakes and hard to pull up.  The season was nearly over and I was just about to send her home anyway. Only one week later, the very weekend I was to give her back…. she cantered out to a line up like an old school pony. We had a great chukka. We were starting to click.

I had been taught another lesson by a horse and I needed to listen. So I bought her from Richard.    ( I did not tell him I liked her when we negotiated the price )

 I played her two seasons myself and she was easily my best horse. She came back to me and I improved with her. She was fast with great push.  Fearless really. Her turn to offside was ok.  Her nearside was electric. After a while I thought she could go a lot further then just me so I sent her to Melbourne with my good friends Matt and Luke O’leary.  Matt is Horse 360 Champion and these guys are some of the best Horseman in Polo in Australia. Both 3 goal rated.   Luke seem to gel with her little better and has had her about 2 years now. With Lukes time and effort, she has gone to the next level, like I thought she would.  Luke thinks a bit of the horse and has put her in his main string. I already thought that was great.

 The other day Luke rang and sounded real happy.  He tells me that 5 goal pro Olly Cudmore from England played her inthe Australia vs England 20 goal Test Match. He played her a whole chukka and thought she went great.

Not to many times in your life a professional tells you that you have a good horse.  I like that feeling.
Danny Cook
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Danny Cook is the CEO of Animal 360, and together with Gary Wells, the conceiver and developer of the Horse and Dog 360 range of mobile Apps. He is striving in his life to become a Horseman, Equine Muscle Therapist, Businessman and Human Being.  Tough one! 

His great belief in his Horses is “Being a practical man, I think you have to know how something is built before you can understand how it works.”