Tanja Mitton“I believe that the mindset part of our equestrian sport is rarely considered when teaching riders. I teach riders that every thought they have turns into body language which has a significant effect on how they communicate with their horse.”

Tanja is a Master Coach in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NCAS Level 1 Coach and Author of “SEVEN STEPS TO THE MINDSET OF AN EQUESTRIAN CHAMPION” and the DVD “Crash Course In Confidence”.

Take a moment and imagine yourself getting ready to go to the movies. You’ve heard about this great comedy that you really want to see and now as you walk into the cinema with the ticket already in your hands there are lots of people pushing and shoving to get to their seats in time. You find yourself caught up in the crowd and when you finally reach your seat the movie has already started. As you watch the first few minutes there are shot guns going off, blood is flowing and people screaming. You are in the wrong film. You were looking forward to a comedy and you realise that you are watching a horror movie. What do you do?

Now here is another scenario.

blogImagine yourself getting in the car and plugging your destination address into your GPS. On your trip something happens and your GPS suddenly stops working, you are on your own. You keep driving for a while until you finally find someone who can help you with your GPS and when it comes to life again you realise you went the wrong way. What do you do?


For most of you, answering these questions is very simple and you wouldn’t have any problems correcting your mistakes and moving on.

Let’s imagine a different scenario, let’s say you are preparing for your success in your riding, the show ring, the dressage or jumping arena or in fact in your personal live. You know what it is you want to achieve, what it will look like when you have achieved it, because you have had similar successes before. Then instead of your horse going really well something happens, you make a mistake and suddenly everything goes wrong and as a result you feel like a beginner a failure, your horse jumps out of the ring or you forget the test, maybe the great business plan you had falls through. You know everyone was watching and you feel like an idiot. In fact you are in the wrong movie. What do you do?

hitting a speed bumpUp until now you knew exactly where you were going and you had no doubt that you would get there. You felt confident and certain to reach your success and it seemed like nothing could stand in your way. It was a smooth road ahead and you enjoyed every minute of your ride with plenty of great feedback. Suddenly for some unknown reason you hit a speed bump and you get knocked of course. It feels like you are going the wrong way but every were you turn seems to be the wrong way.  You’ve lost your way without knowing how to get back.  What do you do?


What would you have done when you’ve ended up in the wrong movie at the cinema? Would you have stayed and watched the horror movie or would you have gotten up to find your comedy?

When your GPS stops working do you drive endlessly around getting lost or do you stop and ask for help?

loading your horseSee the thing is; it’s easy to end up in the wrong movie and the longer we stay there the more of the same movie we attract. For example when loading your horse, if you are already stuck in the movie of your horse not getting onto the float and you are panicking on missing out on your clinic or competition you will get more of the same movie. If you are going into a lesson and already playing a movie how everything is going wrong, you will get more of the same movie. Make sure you know what movie it is you want to see and if you find you are starting to focus on anything less it’s time to get of your seat and change the theatre. Sometimes we all get stuck but at the end it is your choice if you stay sitting or if you get up and change seats.

When you are getting lost and it seems like you don’t know where to go rather than going along the wrong road it’s better to stop and ask for help. It doesn’t matter how far lost you are with the right GPS you can always find your way back.

Put yourself back in the driver’s seat and take you life in your own hands. You have the ability to do whatever it is you want to do as long as you take action.

Happy riding

Tanja Mitton 2012©